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WWC Delegate Instructions

How do I use iMSafe for Women's World Hockey Championship?

How do I download and install the iMSafe app?

Step 1:
To begin your quarantine period, please download the TraceSafe iMSafe App from the App Store or Google Play Store.


If you do not have international roaming set up on your phone, you can log into the hotel WiFi (instructions to be provided by your hotel).

Before downloading the app, please turn your Bluetooth setting ‘ON’ and allow the app to use your current location.

Step 2: (Android Only)

Once you open the app, tap 5-8 times on the app name and change the server URL to:


Step 3:
Once you have downloaded the App, please click on “User” and hold your camera over the QR code found on the wristband (not the QR found on the attached cube).

How do I put on the iMSafe wristband with the contact tracing device attached?

Step 1:Wrap the wristband around your wrist and ensure the contact tracing device remains inside the loop.


Step 2: Make sure the wristband sits comfortably around your wrist and is not too loose. 


Step 3: Secure the wristband to ensure it stays in position.